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"Get Outta My Way!"

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Angry driver
Angry driver

I was running late for an appointment. It seemed every traffic signal in my path turned red as I approached it. Every driver in front of me didn't seem to know where they were going. My emotional table was rising with each delay, and I began to take risks with my driving. I tailgated every slowpoke in a misguided effort to get them to speed up. I threw my hands up in disgust when they slowed to a stop for a yellow light. I wished they would all just get out of my way! I was upset and uptight and I was beginning to get a headache.

When I was able to step back and take a different look at this situation, I saw things differently. I was blaming all those other drivers as though they were causing me to be late! Were they causing my problem? Of course, not. But there I was, spewing my venom at them as though each and every one of them was purposely trying to slow me down. But the fact is that the entire emotional ride could have been avoided ... if I had simply left home on time.

So why didn't I? Procrastination, for one thing. Wanting to finish that last little thing before I got ready to go. Wanting to sit for just "5 more minutes." Wanting to watch just a little bit more TV. Wanting to keep the cat on my lap "just a little longer." It doesn't matter the reason. Fundamentally, I just wanted to do whatever it was I wanted to do and paid no heed to the fact that it was time to leave. It certainly wasn't worth the delay!

I had quite a laugh at myself when I saw the reality that I caused my own trouble - and suddenly all the emotion I felt dropped away.

It really is that simple to eliminate our problems and troubles.

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