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To read simply click on the Read Now button. The free on-line books are PDF files which can be viewed, downloaded or printed with a PDF reader, such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Right is Might book


by Richard W Wetherill

You can discover why Right really is Might and how the natural laws of the universe make it a reality. This book is based on thirty years of research and experience, explaining the negative consequences of unethical behavior in both personal and public life. The book also explains how ethical behavior creates emotional health, personal joy and professional success.

How to Solve Problems & Prevent Trouble book

This book, explains how to eliminate the dilemmas and difficulties of life. Problems and trouble will cease to be a compelling force in your life. The information has been tested and is in daily use by successful business leaders and private citizens. It reveals a dynamic lifestyle based on a natural law of behavior.

Tower of Babel book


by Richard W Wetherill

Today our world unknowingly suffers from warped and twisted thinking caused by what Wetherill called distortions of logic. Those distortions are unconscious-level fixed, inflexible tools of thought, causing all of our mistakes. This book exposes the exact nature of those distortions. It shows their causes, their results, and their remedies.

Be Right or Go Wrong book


by E Marie Bothe

All through the centuries people have believed they were free to behave as they chose, whether within the constraints of moral parameters or with total abandonment to their desires. Wetherill’s Right-Action Ethic™ is a lifestyle based on his identification of a natural law of behavior he called the law of absolute right: Right action gets right results. People who apply the Right-Action Ethic™ think it can stem the tide of wrong results washing across all levels of society here and abroad.

Suppose We Let Civilization Begin book


by Richard W Wetherill

In this book, Wetherill points out the importance of absolute honesty and shows how to identify and drop dishonest rationalizations. Four experiential articles are also included written by people who describe the application of the behavioral law in daily life.

Leadership into the 21st Century book


by Richard W Wetherill

The practical application of Wetherill's Right-Action Ethic explained in this book is about performance. It is not primarily about a person or celebrity. It is about leadership and successful living. People who have read this book find it full of solutions based on principles as old as time itself but as new as the moment they live in.

Dictionary of Typical Command Phrases book

Unchain Your Brain! Release Illogical Thoughts! People unknowingly lock their brains in chains with wrong thoughts. You can learn to "unthink" your way out of difficult situations.

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