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New World

group of young people

Do you long for a new world? One with no conflict, no jealousy, no threatening words. One in which people's behavior is caring, trustworthy, and productive. In this new world of people, their activities need no supervision. They do what reality calls for.

There are no locks on doors or windows, no legal contracts to assure honest compliance, no addictions, no crime, no poverty, no lack of any rightful thing or opportunity, no scoldings or punishments.

There is liberation from the tyranny of prejudice. There is plentiful food and shelter. There is full employment with opportunities for all.

More important, there is fellowship among people. There are neither strangers nor anybody to fear. There is stimulating activity so that daily life becomes an interesting adventure.

What creates this new world? People's obedience to a natural law identified by Richard Wetherill decades ago. He called it the Law of Right Action, requiring rational, honest and morally right thoughts, words, and deeds.

Sadly, society unknowingly is still blocking the birth of that new world by acting on their personal motives.

However, by their obedience, mankind now could live in the way still envisioned for the human race by the creator of that precious natural law!

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