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catching falling little girl

Have you considered that when we keep our balance, we are complying with the intent of a natural law we call gravity? As a matter of fact, people already know that to be safe and/or successful, they must comply with the intent of every natural law, not just gravity.

Decades ago Richard Wetherill identified a natural law, defining its intent for people’s behavior. Wetherill named it the Law of Right Action, calling for people’s rational, honest thinking and behavior.

Thanks to Wetherill’s insight, we now have the opportunity to adjust our thinking and behavior to conform to the intent of this inviolable, self-enforcing natural law.

People who have accepted the logic of the above explanation live by the intent of nature’s Law of Right Action to the best of their ability. They know that when problems or troublesome results occur, they have deviated from the creator’s behavioral requirements.

Eagerly they drop their personal intent and return to the safety of the intent of this natural law.

Join with them to eliminate all conflict within a person, with close associates, other races, and nations. Thus the promised peace and productivity of a truly civilized civilization is achieved.

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