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Resolving Disagreements

two men fighting

Have you ever wondered why leaders of nations seem to have utter confidence in using warfare to resolve disagreements with other nations or with their own people?

Even more prevalent, is the way people engage in fighting with one another. However subtle or blatant the fight, many times such disagreements develop into fisticuffs and/or murder.

Recorded history verifies: Fighting as a problem-solving procedure has been used since the days of the Caveman. Now, people are called on to recognize that fighting is barbaric, and it must be stopped.

Stopped, how?

Consider that the creator of the Laws of Physics also created a natural Law of Behavior, requiring mankind’s thoughts and actions to be rational, honest, and morally right.

Decades ago, Richard W. Wetherill identified and published information about that law and named it the Law of Right Action. But since leaders and people both tend to fight to get their way, the populace keeps contradicting this Natural Law of Behavior. The result is the tumultuous number of troubles and problems that today are afflicting people worldwide.

History shows that a peaceful, productive society is gained only by people’s careful obedience to the creator’s Law of Right Action—not by fighting for it.

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