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Formula for Peace

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Ask yourself, has Peace on Earth ever really existed? Historically, fighting for any reason, noble or ignoble, has led to more and more fighting. Individuals, if not at war, still are troubled by kinds of strife relating to their private affairs. This Essay tells why!

Ruling members of society and most people believe they are the arbiters of right and wrong action, and that is the mistaken belief making peace on earth inexorably unavailable.

Years ago Richard Wetherill identified nature's Law of Right Action: A natural law that is the true arbiter of right and wrong action. It states: Rational, honest thoughts and actions succeed. Any wrong result indicates that wrongness was part of the action taken, as results are determined and delivered by nature's self-enforcing Law of Right Action.

When people hurriedly descend stairways, gravity does not know why they are hurrying. So a slight departure from a natural law delivers trivial wrong results, but if more serious departures are made, the results also become increasingly serious.

Thus in every aspect of life, it is natural laws actually ruling people's results. Those who think, say, and do what is rational, honest, and morally right easily resolve difficult situations when they arise.

Clearly, obeying nature's Law of Right Action is the formula for a peaceful, productive life provided mankind by the creator of life!

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