Unseen Hand

Unseen Hand Essay Whoever or whatever is the creator provided planet Earth for people to inhabit safely and also provided natural laws for their safety-gravitation, for example. What follows describes a natural law, defining mankind's code of conduct: a law most people unknowingly are ignoring.

Fortunately, that natural law was identified by Richard W. Wetherill in 1929. He called it the law of absolute right, and it states that right thoughts, words, and action get right results. So the wrong results of people everywhere indicate they are ignoring nature's code of conduct.

Think of natural laws as the creator's unseen hand, reaching into the affairs of men, women, and children, guiding their activities and teaching them that right action succeeds; wrong action fails.

Ask yourself. Are well-intentioned private and governmental efforts succeeding to reduce crime, reform dysfunctional families, or resolve economic instability?

In fact, are there any human endeavors truly resolving humanity's private and public failures?

The good news is that obeying the creator's inviolable, behavioral law does enable people to resolve all that has gone wrong in their affairs.

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can be transferred from one form to another, but energy cannot be created or destroyed-evidence that natural laws have the upper hand in this world.

The law of absolute right requires everybody's behavior to be rational and honest. Any deviation from those requirements causes the wrong results that are wreaking havoc for society.

People know that obeying laws of physics requires taking the action specified by each law in order to get successful outcomes. In general, right action is not seen as obedience to laws of physics, that obviously it is. So originally people had been reluctant to give attention to Wetherill's talks and books about a natural law specifying their behavior.

Tragically, it is too late to benefit our deceased loved ones, but the law of right behavior tells us how and why we harm ourselves by disobeying it.

As with any natural law, this law tells people to be right as the law defines right. People's definitions of right action do not qualify. Instead, they cause so many wrong results that finally people are physically overcome and depart this life.

That is the ultimate penalty the human race has been paying for not obeying creation's code of conduct stated in the law of absolute right.

This writing is to make people aware of a natural law, prescribing mankind's behavior. Those persons who are conforming to it enthusiastically report their right results.

Consider that this is creation's way to change what is wrong until everything is made right: rational, honest people on the one planet in this universe that supports life as we know it!