Two Choices

Two Choices Essay There is a natural law that determines the results of people's behavior, and it defines the two causal choices they can make-despite beliefs to the contrary, they are:
1. Conform to a natural law of behavior provided by whoever or whatever created natural laws.
2. Contradict or ignore that natural law and face failure, injury, and even death.

For several years, our one-page advertisements have appeared in national publications, explaining nature's behavioral law of absolute right. The law was identified by the late Richard W. Wetherill and is described in his book Tower of Babel published on January 2, 1952.

Nature's behavioral law requires people to think and act in ways that are rational and honest. In other words, whoever or whatever created natural laws intends people to behave rationally and honestly rather than in ways that result in confusion, chaos, and suffering.

Choice 1 provides guidance that enables people to experience unprecedented joy and success with all their relationships and endeavors. Choice 2 causes every unwanted result experienced for those who fail to conform to this self-enforcing, behavioral law.

In general, people tend to blame outside factors when they get unwanted results, as comparatively few have known what causes them. Getting a few pioneers to conform to the behavioral law, despite criticism from others, took several decades.

They found that conforming to the law was truly liberating and dealt with situations formerly labeled "cause unknown", because when properly identified, thoughts causing unwanted results release.

Keep in mind that the organ of thought inside our heads controls bodily functions, and unless irrevocable damage has occurred, when those wrong thoughts are rescinded, they are released.

The evidence is that people often prefer to die rather than face the fact that it is their conscious and unconscious wrong thoughts that are ruining their lives.

People understand that they must conform to the self-enforcing laws of physics, but they often mistakenly resist learning of the law of absolute right because its implications show that people's problems and trouble are self-inflicted.

Inasmuch as it usually takes a calamity to get the public's attention for a needed behavioral change, this message intends to draw attention to the calamities that have long been accepted as just a part of life.

Have you ever questioned why people are born to die? Is that true or instead are they born to live rational, honest lives? Would a creator of human life do so in order to destroy it? Creation by its very nature could not call for destruction.

If people unwarily act on their motivation, the intent of creation is blocked, and it is the blocker who suffers. This writing directs people's attention to the natural law that provides guidance for people's robust health, congenial relationships, and successful activities. Read about the law at our website.