Two Choices

Two ChoicesHave you ever wondered why human beings are born into a way of life that, sooner or later, ends in death? A suggested answer to that question is the subject of this Essay.

In the first place, is there a purpose being served to have human beings continue in their present "life and death" existence?

Speculation suggests that since the creator creates, a created way to defeat the process of death is available. And that the process of death might be resolved by an explanation presented here.

We know, the creator has created rules of life that people call Laws of Physics and refer to them as natural laws.

But, there is a natural law of behavior now being universally ignored. It calls for people to abandon their rules of behavior in order to obey the dictates of the following divine rule.

Decades ago, Richard Wetherill identified this rule and named it the creator's Law of Right Action. Reader's attention now is directed to this law's demands, here defined as thoughts and actions that are altogether rational, honest, and morally right.

So, people could continue their present “life and death” existence or obey the creator's Law of Right Action and start a new life!