TruthTruth is a product of human thought and is fixed from the moment it is formed. Persons who reason from truth get stuck, while those reasoning from reality change their thinking as the reality changes - and it always does!

That is why people have to change their thinking to the creator's natural laws and stop basing decisions on human truths.

Natural laws are inviolable as well as self-enforcing, making them unlike human words of truth. That is mankind's choice; reason from human truths or from the creator's natural laws.

Decades ago Richard Wetherill was made aware of a natural law of behavior that he named the Law of Right Action. It requires people to think, say, and do what is rational, honest, and morally right and thus to receive the wondrous results this natural law then delivers.

It is also why a group of former associates of Wetherill continue to use print ads and digital messages to educate millions of people about the misunderstanding regarding truth discussed above.

Another troublesome problem is that people tend to claim credit for their right results; a grave mistake that prevents anybody's ability ever to stop fighting for or against anything.

The Lord God told the ancient prophet Ezekiel to tell people, "Wherefore turn yourselves and live ye!"