Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is EssayWith the aid of scientific research, people have learned that natural laws control their resulting right or wrong output when their input conforms to a specific natural law or instead is not compliant.

Examples regarding the laws of physics probably come to mind. And since people know those laws are self-enforcing, they also know that conforming to them is mandatory.

What a comparatively few people know is that there is a little-known natural law of behavior, delivering troublesome results of their every thought and action.

Decades ago, Richard W. Wetherill identified this behavioral natural law and presented it to the public. But despite the fact that well-over half a million have visited our Website, we also need readers’ help to send others to

Because nature's behavioral law is also self-enforcing, humanity's wrong action has already destroyed past civilizations. The question is: will this civilization suffer the same fate? We think not when people learn how to avoid it.

The solution is found in obeying creation’s behavioral law of right action. But since multitudes unwittingly disregard it, they need to learn that wrong results are ended only by obeying this natural law, calling for behavior the law deems is rational and honest.

Two blocks to people’s understanding this law is a desire to get their way and by taking credit when their way seems to succeed.

Unknowingly people have been paying with their lives for disregarding the creator's law of right action, and it is rational, honest thoughts and behavior that let us share in the creator's plan of life for mankind.

In the final analysis, this natural law "tells it like it is!"