Ready for a Change?

Surrender Your Will EssayIf you were asked to surrender your will, would you? Probably not. But consider the countless times people do surrender their will every day? "No," you say, "I don't, and I never would!"

Well, think about how you surrender your will to the laws of nature. Do you argue with gravity, ignore friction, grab a live wire, lean to the left turning right?

Early in life, people surrender to natural laws they call laws of physics. But there is a natural law that virtually everybody has been ignoring.

It is a natural law of right behavior identified by Richard W. Wetherill decades ago. He called it the law of absolute right. It specifies mankind's behavior to be rational and honest. So as people unknowingly contradict it, troublesome situations keep occurring, causing stress to be a worrisome part of people's lives.

Nature's law of absolute right states that right action gets right results, and if wrong results including stress occur, the law was somehow contradicted.

This message is to tell people that their safety and security exist in trusting the laws of creation. To complete its rightful purpose, every natural law requires the action it calls for.

Think of natural laws as expressing the will of their creator, thereby establishing creation's plan of life for mankind. Rational and honest compliance to that law is the surrender that enables people to resolve past mistakes and provides them with a meaningful, productive future - devoid of stress.