Ready for a Change?

Ready for a Change?If asked to surrender your will, would you? Probably not. But consider the countless times people do surrender their will every day? "No," you say, "I don't, and I never would!"

Well, think about how people surrender to laws of nature called Laws of Physics. Does anybody argue with gravity, ignore friction, or lean to the left turning right? However, there is one little-known natural law that most people are ignoring.

It was identified by Richard Wetherill decades ago, and he named it the Law of Right Action. It tells people to think, say, and do what is rational, honest, and morally right to get right results. But since most people unknowingly contradict that law with their plans, society's overwhelming wrong results prevail.

Daily newscasts report the tragedies of warfare, corrupt politics, crimes, financial problems, and afflictions labeled "cause unknown." But who thinks that obeying a natural law could stop those wrong results?

Answer: After learning about creation's Law of Right Action, those who obey it eagerly report the gratifying changes it has made in their family lives, jobs, and social activities.

Obeying the creator's Law of Right Action fulfills the promised "peace on earth, good will for all mankind!"