RealityREALITY shows that certain beliefs are deadly. For instance, think of the many deceased motorists whose beliefs caused them to try to "beat the light."

In this country people freely express their beliefs, and some beliefs are authorized by religions and the government.

But what of the creator's laws of nature?

All natural laws are lastingly endowed with their own authority.

Do people have beliefs they can unassistedly stroll five feet above the earth? No, they know a natural law would not allow it.

So the beliefs needing everybody's attention are those beliefs about people's behavior.

One crucial belief is that people have freedom to choose what they will or will not do: some do good deeds, and some do whatever they choose to do--right or wrong. However, after scientists had identified nature's laws of physics, beliefs about natural phenomena were discarded, and people began reasoning from natural laws.

Decades ago Richard Wetherill identified a natural law of behavior and called it the Law of Right Action. It states: Right action gets right results, and it defines right action as rational, honest, realistic thinking and behavior. When natural laws are not obeyed, troubles result, and sadly people still suffer many troublesome results.

Regard this natural law as the creator's guide to a safe, happy life!