Radical Current Events

Radical Current Events Current events are moving toward a radical change in the "land of the free and the home of the brave;" newscasts reveal an agenda gaining a foothold here. Its unstated policy seems to be to displace democracy and free will.

In the past no military attack on these united states has succeeded, but this attack has been gaining support from unsuspecting citizens.

However, during the past century the creator of natural laws revealed to the mind of Richard W. Wetherill nature's law of behavior. Wetherill named it the Law of Absolute Right, calling for people's behavior to be rational and honest. It would seem that this behavioral law is nature’s moral code for mankind.

Including past years, there have been several hundreds of thousands visits to our website (alphapub.com) from people here and in foreign nations. How many have abandoned their choices of right and wrong action to live in accord with nature's moral code is unknown.

In general, when people's endeavors succeed, they take and receive credit from others when, in fact, it is conformance to natural laws that determines successful outcomes. Even toddlers, depending on gravity, claim credit when unassisted they are able to stand erect, walk, and run.

However, is personal credit due to people for their accomplishments when it is natural laws that deliver the success of their actions? When people contradict natural laws, their outcomes are troublesome.

Thus we find that it is natural laws actually ruling mankind!