Pure Language

Pure LanguageAncient scriptures predict a time when nature's deadly assaults on this earth are to be followed by a pure language.

Decades ago Richard Wetherill identified a natural law he called the Law of Absolute Right, requiring people's rational, honest thoughts and actions. In later years, he suggested that the scriptural "pure language" is defined by that natural law.

Do nature's many assaults on this planet in the form of earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, wildfires, tsunamis, and extremes of weather qualify to introduce that pure language? Think about it.

Wetherill also referred to a language of thought that had disclosed nature's laws of physics to researchers. In turn, they imparted those laws to the public. Now, in effect, gravity speaks its language of thought to all people for their safety.

Consider that the creator's Law of Absolute Right, calling for rational, honest thinking and behavior describes the promised pure language! If it does, nature's assaults on earth could worsen until the "impure language" of human thought and behavior is abandoned.

Join in thought with others now learning to adhere to the pure language defined in the creator's Law of Absolute Right: Think, say, and do only what is rational, honest, and morally right.