Why People Are Born

Why People Are BornEver since recorded history, babies have been born into this life doing their own thinking. We could assume that thinking at birth reflects a total unawareness of the life into which infants are thrust. So what significance has that now?

Consider the emotional situation for a newborn. Its thinking is fearful and confused by its changed situation, but that very reaction is the purpose for which people are born.

Now, consider that coming into this physical environment is to resolve the misunderstandings in a spiritual realm, causing uncorrectable mayhem there. Thus, our changed thinking in the physical realm is being used to demonstrate obedient tranquility for the spiritual realm.

These are some thoughts of Richard Wetherill who was given the insight of a natural law of right behavior to resolve the mayhem of the spiritual realm. Wetherill named it the Law of Right Action, requiring people to think rationally, honestly, and morally right to accord with the thinking of the creator.

That is what is required of this generation. We must let the thoughts of the creator replace "our thoughts" so that we are rational, honest, and morally right. Then, as promised in the ancient Book of the prophet Ezekiel, we live and do not die!