Formula for Peace

Peace On EarthWhere in this society is there peace? Ask yourself, has Peace on Earth ever really existed? Historically, fighting for any purpose, noble or ignoble, later leads to more fighting. Individuals, if not at war, still are troubled by kinds of strife relating to their private and public affairs. Would you like to know why?

The short answer: Ruling members of society as well as the general populous believe they are the arbiters of right and wrong action. It is that mistaken belief that makes peace on this planet inexorably unavailable.

Years ago Richard W. Wetherill was given insight into nature's law of absolute right: A natural law that is the arbiter of right and wrong action. It states: Rational and honest thoughts and action succeed. Any kind of wrong result is an indication that wrongness was part of the action taken, as results are determined and delivered by nature's self-enforcing behavioral law.

For example, people often hurry while descending stairways, but gravity does not care why they are hurrying. A slight departure from the principles of gravitation delivers a trivial wrong result. But when serious departures are made from those principles, the results can be deadly.

Thus in every aspect of life, it is natural laws that actually rule people, dictating their results. Those who obey nature's behavioral law peacefully resolve life's situations as they arise.

Nonconflict is a word coined by Wetherill to describe the conduct of people who obey nature's law of absolute right by being rational and honest. Clearly, nature's formula for peace creates the nonconflict life intended for people by the creator of life!