One Aspect of Life

One Aspect EssayThere is one aspect of life that unites, controls, and affects humanity. That aspect is creation's natural laws. They unite, control, and affect people everywhere on this planet. But in addition to nature's Laws of Physics, there is one natural law that has been totally disregarded.

Decades ago, Richard Wetherill identified this natural law. He called it nature's Law of Right Action. It requires our behavior to be rational, honest, and morally right, not just regarding nature's Laws of Physics. This natural law demands that we obey nature's right action within ourselves and toward all other people.

As with all natural laws, Wetherill cautioned that this law is the final arbiter of what is right behavior, because from the beginning, people have usurped that authority. They have defined right behavior and also defined specific punishments for anybody who disobeys their laws.

Obeying nature's Law of Right Action provides benefits that favorably unite, control, and affect everybody's future. More important, those who begin obeying this natural law are promised escape from that deadly penalty being paid by all those who do not. During ancient times, the Lord God told the prophet Ezekiel, "turn yourselves and live ye."