Natural Law of Behavior

Natural law of behaviorPeople know about the laws of physics, but did you know the creator also included another law, requiring mankind's behavior to be rational, honest, and morally right?
Everybody needs to know that from the beginning, mankind's attempts to rule the earth and its people have consistently contradicted a natural law of behavior!

When obeyed, all the Laws of Physics serve their purpose with right results. Wrong results indicate nonconformity, requiring correction of the mistake, not blame for the person.

Richard Wetherill identified the creator's behavioral law decades ago, and he called it the Law of Right Action. When obeyed, people think, say, and do what is rational, honest, and morally right, giving them a life of peaceful productivity and new-found relationships, difficult to describe in words.

Clearly, society's irrationality, dishonesty, and immorality shows a worldwide ignorance of this natural Law of Right Action. But who thinks that outbursts of irritation or criticism or lies contradict a natural law? We try to teach people how such mistakes cause their wrong results and are grateful for the hundred thousands who have visited our free website ( to read and download Natural-law Essays and Books.

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