Mother Nature

Mother NaturePeople often jokingly refer to "mother nature" regarding some weather conditions, and then blame "mother nature" for earthquakes, volcanoes, and lighting strikes.

Other persons think a possible scenario for recent destructive tornadoes and floods might be that this civilization is losing its opportunity to exist. Past civilizations have disappeared but do people wonder why?

Decades ago, Richard Wetherill identified a natural Law of Right Action, requiring people to be rational, honest, and morally right in thought, word, and deed. Clearly, people should not ignore this inviolable, self-enforcing natural law when they learn of it.

Wetherill's insight also foretold that this civilization would not last if human beings continued contradicting the creator's Law of Right Action. But if there were people making every effort to be rational, honest, and morally right, the planet and they would not only survive, but would enter a new phase of human development.

Truly this is a message of optimism and hope, providing the solution for a suffering population: Obey nature's Law of Right Action just as people have learned to obey nature's laws of physics.

Embrace the creator's plan: discard what is wrong, do what is right!