Meaning of Life

Meaning of LifeHave you ever given a moment's thought to the meaning of life? Few have. What follows is the creator's meaning of life.

Decades ago, Richard Wetherill had been given an insight, describing the true meaning of life found in a natural law he had identified and called the Law of Right Action. It specifies rational, honest thoughts, words, and deeds for successful results.

Many people know that natural laws are self-enforcing, and if contradicted, the results are troublesome or may be fatal. It is also why wrong results accumulate from people's decisions of right or wrong action and why death has been inevitable.

The creator's natural laws created this planet and its people, but it is people who are destroying both the planet and themselves.

The giver of human life does not destroy human life. It is the receivers of life who do not live the rational, honest, and morally right way of life required by nature's Law of Right Action. Instead, people tend to act as they choose and, sooner or later, they die.

Think of that natural law as the creator's moral code for mankind.

We can now report persons whose actions are intentionally rational, honest, and morally right to accord with the creator's code of conduct.

Join their efforts to make life safe for the planet and its people.