New Lease on Life

New Lease on LifeSince the beginning of life on earth, unidentified laws of nature existed. Laws that, over the years, were observed and given names by researchers who identified them. Remember the stories of an overflowing bathtub and also the falling apple?

In the past century a natural law of behavior was identified by Richard Wetherill. It states: Rational, honest thinking provides rational, honest behavior, while irrational, dishonest thinking causes problems and trouble. Wetherill called it nature's Law of Right Action.

Some persons saw the reality of this Law of Right Action, and they conformed to it. Doing so was not difficult, as they had already learned that nature's Laws of Physics were self-enforcing. So they eagerly adhered to this natural Law of Right Action.

Previously, they had also learned that thoughts determine their behavior and when irrational, critical thinking is interrupted with rational thoughts, their behavior becomes rational. But if irrational thoughts persist, the irrational behavior also persists.

As a result of that change to rational, honest, right action, people lose their anxieties, their finances stabilize, and their relationships become conflict free.

Obedience to the creator's Laws of Physics enables people to live productively and safely. Obedience to the creator's Law of Right Action further enriches their lives in many desirable ways.

Try it, it works!