Law of Right Action

Law Right ActionWould you like to read how to stop the worsening criminal activity now occurring? There is a solution! This Essay will present information capable of accomplishing this formidable task.

The creator's natural Law of Right Action that was identified decades ago by Richard Wetherill describes the only workable solution. But it is not popular with the general public, as it strips people of their false assumption that they are free to think, say, and do whatever they choose.

In one sense that is temporarily true, but, sooner or later, people face the fact, "for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."

Most people know that nature's created laws, such as gravity, are inviolable and self-enforcing, so they accept the authority of those natural laws, regarding what they, think, say, and do.

The creator's Law of Right Action requires mankind to be rational, honest, and morally right.

And when people learn about this natural Law of Right Action and obediently meet its requirements, the remaining population of this earth will be peaceful, productive, and trouble-free!

Please join others now obeying this divine solution.