Law of Creation

Law of CreationIn the beginning human beings were told to obey the laws of creation and warned that if they were not obeyed, death would result. But despite the warning, by acting on their desires, human beings did not obey the creator's law of behavior.

We now know that this action has been causing humanity's problems from the very beginning--generations of mankind, trying to rule one another with human laws of behavior.

Consider the present results from those human laws: warfare, crime, financial crises, political turmoil, health problems, assaults from nature, and other deadly situations.

Decades ago Richard W. Wetherill identified a natural law of behavior for people to obey instead of trying to obey their human laws. Wetherill called it the Law of Right Action. And since people are already obeying the creator's laws of physics, this created behavioral law should be eagerly received by people with open minds.

To rule the human race safely, the creator's behavioral law requires people's thoughts and actions to be rational, honest, and peacefully in touch with life's realities. Thus they eliminate past deadly reactions, resulting from the reign of human law.

This Law of Right Action has to be obeyed for God's sake!