IntentDid you ever consider that when people keep their balance, it is not by their intent? Instead, consider that they are acting on the intent of a natural law we call gravity.

Extend that concept to all the laws of physics and realize that to be safe, people must act on the intent of all applicable laws of physics, as each law's intent dictates what people should do.

Decades ago the late Richard W. Wetherill identified a natural law that defines its intent for the behavior of the human race, and Wetherill called it the Law of Absolute Right. Lacking knowledge of that law caused the ancients and all following generations to live by their intent with the result that people’s deaths have been inevitable.

The seven books we publish define the intent of nature's behavioral law as calling for rational, honest thinking and behavior to be humanity's way of life.

Thanks to Wetherill's insight, this generation has the opportunity to change their former thinking and behavior to the intent of an inviolable, self-enforcing natural law with the same compliance they accord to the laws of physics.

People who accept the logic of the above explanation live by the intent of the behavioral law, to the best of their ability. They know that when any wrong, troublesome results occur, it indicates they have deviated from right action. Eagerly they return to the safety of acting in accord with the intent of the creator's natural law of right behavior.