Learn A New Way Of Life

GuidanceWould you like to enjoy a life of meaningful relationships with others and also your own well-being?

It is available to everybody who applies the principles of a natural law that was identified by Richard W. Wetherill. He spoke of it as a created law, similar to the created laws of physics.

This law requires people's thinking and behavior to be rational and honest, regarding every aspect of their lives. When conflicts or other troublesome situations occur, it is a sign that nature's law of behavior was ignored--a mistake to be corrected.

As people stop reacting angrily to one another and to what they dislike about life and instead respond rationally and honestly, their lives are changed. They make no effort to change themselves, but by adhering to the law, it changes them.

The people who refuse to surrender their way, keep getting more and more wrong results.

And since the law of behavior is incapable of supporting action that is not rational and honest, nature is powerless to help people with their wrong results. But when they stop reasoning from "me, myself, and I" and let nature's law of behavior have its way in their lives, wrong results become a thing of the past.

Until we make that change and embrace the way of life nature intended for us, our lives can only worsen. But when our attitude expresses the will of the creator, a new way of life unfolds, powered by the natural law created for that purpose.