Gift of Life

It is compliance to natural laws that bestows the gift of life to people! And also natural laws that specify the ways to nurture that gift of life.

Thus when people take credit for the successful results in their lives, in effect, they usurp that credit from a natural Law of Right Action, identified by Richard Wetherill decades ago.

This natural law requires people to think, say, and do what is rational, honest, and morally right - no matter what the situation.

People know that obedience to nature's laws of physics enables them to benefit from each law's successful application - gravity for example.

But without realizing their mistake, people continue claiming credit for their activities that succeed and to blame any failures on bad luck or a vast variety of other things.

So because mankind's credit-taking attitude contradicts a created natural Law of Right Action, society's problems and troubles continue to be unavoidable and unsolvable.

To achieve peace, goodwill, and right results, it is vital to know that the credit belongs to the creator's Law of Right Action. And also to know that people who do credit the law thus serve the creator's purpose for this habitable planet and its inhabitants.