Future Society

Future Society Essay Do you long for a new world? A world of no conflict, no jealousy, no unkind words. A world in which people think, say, and do what is rational and honest, resulting in behavior that is caring, trustworthy, and productive.

Enlarge the picture of that new world whose people hold no grudges nor compete to exert control. Their behavior conforms to a natural law, causing them to overcome the stress and pressures of their former lives.

Picture other details of a new-world society. People's activities need no supervision as they are guided by what reality calls for. There are no locks on doors or windows, no legal documents to assure honest compliance, no addictions, no crime, no poverty, and no deprivation of any rightful thing or opportunity.

There are no scoldings or punishments and no stress. There is liberation of men, women, and children of every race from the tyranny of prejudice. There is plentiful food and shelter. There is nonpolluting transportation. In this new world there is full employment with unique opportunities available to everybody.

More important, there is fellowship among people. There are neither strangers nor anyone to fear. There is stimulating activity as people reason from reality to learn from it and to be guided by it.

Daily life is an exciting adventure. Since there are no conflicting thoughts, there are no confrontations.

As people consult nature's storehouse of knowledge, there are spectacular accomplishments. No prizes are awarded, as everybody is attending the university of life and learning from its boundless source.

Reality results from whatever the natural laws deliver.

What creates a new world? The answer is found by people that conform to a natural law created by whoever or whatever created natural laws. This law identified by Richard W. Wetherill in 1929 is called the law of absolute right: Right action gets right results.

The law defines right action as thoughts, words, and deeds that are rational and honest-nonconformance prolongs society's old-world problems, failures, and afflictions.

At present writing, billions of people worldwide, trying to satisfy their conflicting motives, are unknowingly causing the societal chaos that is blocking the birth of a new world.

Conforming to the principles of the law of right action begets a new world for those willing to participate. Unlike mankind's laws, philosophies, and beliefs, the behavioral law is not a product of human intelligence. The new world comes into being worldwide for people who reason from nature's law of absolute right.

Scientific research and discovery require identifying various aspects of nature to learn their principles and functions. In the process researchers have mapped the body's DNA, planet Earth, large areas of space, tectonic plates, and the ocean floor, showing that to acquire knowledge and dispel beliefs, researchers study creation.

By turning to the creator, Wetherill had insight of creation's law to establish a new world. Whoever or whatever created the universe and its laws obviously intended a peaceful and harmonious society.

Becoming rational and honest enables people to function in a world envisioned for the human race by whoever or whatever created that precious law!