Forming Opinions

Forming Opinions There is action people engage in that until they identify and deal with it, sooner or later, will cause their demise.

Everybody is guilty, as this action has never been regarded as harmful but rather as an activity to be cultivated and extended: at birth starting to form their personal opinions.

That is how individuals motivate themselves with behavior based on their likes and dislikes, wants and don't wants, and whatever else comes to mind over a lifetime.

As a result, society is engaged in much conflict and other destructive behavior, interspersed with cooperation and support when their opinions agree.

However, the creator has already provided people with a natural law to guide their paths of life successfully.

Millions know that nature's Laws of Physics are inviolable and self-enforcing, but few know that decades ago Richard Wetherill had identified a natural law of behavior. He called it the Law of Right Action, specifying mankind's thinking and behavior to be rational, honest, and morally right.

Those who obediently conform to nature's behavioral law affirm that it has affected their lives in an awesome way. They regard the Law of Right Action as the creator's perfect gift for mankind!