Divine Purpose

Divine Purpose EssayDo you wonder why this universe exists with just one planet inhabited by human beings? What purpose is being served? Do growing destructive events of nature portend disaster for the planet and us? Ponder what follows:

A grave mistake being made by earth's inhabitants is that the planet should be governed by them with their behavioral laws.

The reality is that there are other natural laws already governing everybody, everywhere. Those laws are known as the Laws of Physics. This Essay presents information of the creator's natural law of behavior.

Decades ago Richard Wetherill identified a created natural law of behavior and named it the Law of Right Action. This law requires mankind's behavior to be rational, honest and morally right. But since earth's multitudes behave as they choose, the human race has been suffering from unresolved, troublesome problems that, sooner or later, cause people to die.

Readers who recognize the tremendous importance of this created Law of Right Action will want to obey it, as they now obey the creator's other natural laws known as the Laws of Physics.