Distortions of Logic

Distortions of LogicThe word lie is among the smallest in the English language, but when used, the lie truly is the most deadly!

An untruthful statement, written or spoken, never accords with the reality of a given situation. Those baseless thoughts, however, send the mind on a whirlwind of incomprehension.

Whereas a truthful statement, written or spoken, accords with the reality being described. The mind considers that reality and provides correct responses.

Beyond that, the lie provides mental ammunition to battle with the facts of life. But not without causing a crippling effect on the mind's ability to function logically.

For example, decades ago Richard W. Wetherill identified a natural law of right behavior. He named it The Law of Absolute Right, calling for people's thoughts and behavior to accord with the realities of life and to be expressed honestly. Whenever thoughts and actions did not accord with reality and lies were used, Wetherill called the lies distortions of logic, resulting in false-hearted conclusions.

The activity of those two schools of thought and behavior, at times, forces people to have a lifetime of recurring mental confusion.

The creator's pure language of rational, honest thoughts and behavior assures death to the lie--life for people!