Ancient Promise

Delight in an Ancient PromiseAncient scriptural writings abound, describing the downfall of those civilizations that had failed to obey the creator's behavioral laws.

For example, what are the results experienced at every multi-nation activity? Do people behave according to the natural Law of Right Action identified by Richard Wetherill decades ago, calling for people to be rational and honest? No, they do not!

The fact that although for several years, the information of the Law of Right Action has been made available to hundreds of thousands here and abroad, irrational, dishonest behavior still prevails.

It seems that most people's attitudes and actions still reflect their choice of whatever irrational, dishonest action they think will serve their purposes.

Could it be that our unusual weather conditions are being used by the creator to draw attention to the public's unchanged attitudes and actions, lest they receive the kind of wrong results described over and over again in the Old Testament?

Let this be the generation of those who recognize the error of their ways and quickly resolve to do that which is "naturally lawful and right" and also to delight in the ancient promise that such persons will "surely live and shall not die."