Control Essay

People customarily believe they control their thinking and thus their behavior - a belief that is causing untold damage in the lives of members of the human race.

That might seem to be a shocking statement until it is checked by reference to the reality of life itself.

For example, on this planet when people drop things, they always fall downward. Do they ever rise upward? Perhaps only children fail to know that it is a natural law that controls what happens when things are dropped - not people.

The reason people mistakenly believe that they control their behavior is because they had never been introduced to nature's law of absolute right. Decades ago, Richard W. Wetherill was given insight into that natural law.

It states: Rational, honest thoughts and action get right results; contradictory thoughts and action get wrong results.

Consider two problems prevalent today: killings and numerous kinds of corruption. Those are activities that perpetrators try to conceal, but people's irrational, dishonest thoughts and behavior, are never concealed from nature's self-enforcing law of absolute right. All deviations cause trouble, and that is why people have not known that they, themselves, are responsible for those results.

What could be simpler?

When this natural law serves its function, it peacefully controls the attitudes and behavior of people no matter their age, race, creed, or gender. Learn how to drop your personal control of behavior. Let nature's law of absolute right have its way in your life, as routinely as you do with the self-enforcing laws of physics.