Concerned Persons

Concerned Persons Essay

Concerned persons suggest that unless there is an awakening, America's republic will continue being transformed. Fortunately there is an awakening powerful enough to eliminate that juggernaut of governmental control: A Natural Law of Right Action.

This law states: Right action gets right results and defines right action as rational, honest thinking and behavior.

Unwittingly people contradict the creator's law and do not look to themselves when their actions get wrong results.

That is the awakening information for this generation. When this natural law is not obeyed, everybody eventually suffers a kind of sleep from which there is no awakening.

Whoever or whatever is the creator revealed the Law of Right Action to the mind of Richard Wetherill decades ago, answering his fervent appeal to understand the cause of humanity's plight.

Centuries ago the Founding Fathers of America established a country ruled in a God-fearing way by representatives of the people. Newcomers were welcomed, and over the years, people came in droves.

But now the present situation is giving thoughtful people concern.

The solution? People must heed nature's wake-up call to obey the creator's Law of Right Action, requiring people's rational, honest thoughts and action.