A Bible Story

A Bible StoryWe read that researchers have used new technology to find proof behind biblical stories such as the Parting of the Red Sea and the Burning Bush. Our writing uses a biblical story with a deadly result that is still happening today.

This biblical event is the creator's command to Adam: "Of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat or you will surely die." Adam and Eve did eat the fruit of that tree, and for disobeying the creator, they suffered much trouble and finally died.

Experience tells us that people worldwide are still acting on their judgments of good and evil. Now, consider what happens to millions of them every day? They die! It would follow that those whose behavior is based on their definitions of good and evil become subject to the creator's warning, "or you will surely die."

We know that when people conform to creation's laws of physics, right action always results. Children learn to walk and run by conforming to all applicable natural laws. When they don't, they fall.

It is the creator's laws that dictate what action is called for and what action is not. In the past century Richard W. Wetherill identified a natural law, calling for rational, honest behavior, and he named it the law of absolute right.

Most people know that natural laws require obedience, but innumerable are unaware of this natural law. Mistakenly they try to get their way. We try to inform people not to continue contradicting the creator's law of right behavior, inviting death.

These guiding thoughts explain why people finally die. You might disagree, but a Garden of Eden awaits any who adhere to nature's law of absolute right. They stop their efforts to get their way and embrace the rational, honest way of the creator of life.