Behavior Problem


When Richard W. Wetherill was given an insight regarding a natural law of absolute right, his guiding thoughts also revealed that mankind’s behavior is the universal problem people were created to resolve.

An event depicted in scriptures presents the example in graphic terms when Adam was given behavioral instructions under pain of death for disobedience. Adam disobeyed.

From that illustrative event to present times, mankind has unknowingly continued to act on self-motivation rather than to obey a natural law of absolute right.

Previously nobody’s efforts, whether noble or ignoble, random or scientific, has solved this personal-behavioral problem, so millions of people worldwide continue to die each day.

However, when people behave rationally and honestly in accord with creation’s law of right action rather than by personal choices, a new way of life unfolds; one that is difficult to comprehend until it is experienced.

This generation did not originate mankind’s universal behavioral problem, but this generation can make the change to nullify it: Obey a natural law that demands rational, honest thoughts and behavior!