How Life Is Prolonged

AwarenessHave you considered that an awareness of good and evil is a distinguishing characteristic of mankind? Yes, it is an awareness that separates humanity from other living creatures: animals, birds, and bugs.

Decades ago, Richard Wetherill identified a natural law he called the Law of Right Action. It specifies people's behavior to be rational, honest and morally right in order to be safe and to succeed.

Living with the Law of Right Action "written in our hearts and minds," as is nature's gravitational force, puts an end to a person's choices based on judgments of good and evil.

Daily newscasts report the devastating results of "bad" people while so-called "good" people are admired. But such goodness is often based on people's choice to be thought good and not evil.

Do people refuse to keep their balance? No, they surrender to a natural law. It is complete surrender to the creator's Law of Right Action that is needed to avoid an ancient biblical warning that reasoning from good and evil would finally result in death. And it does!

Only the creator's Law of Right Action is able to protect human life.