This Law Assures Peace

PeacePeople tend to think they own the earth and should govern it and one another. As a result, both the earth and its people are still traveling a deadly path caused by their dependence on self-rule.

Scientists and laypersons know that to succeed they must conform to nature's laws of physics. So with the plethora of wrong results occurring daily, they should welcome news of a formerly unidentified natural law defining mankind's right behavior.

Decades ago Richard W. Wetherill identified that law and called it nature's law of right action. It requires rational, honest behavior, and people need to know that their well being and their very lives depend on adhering to it.

Ordinarily principled people tend to be admired and respected when, in fact, it is natural-law principles that deserve admiration and respect; not people acting in accord with them.

Generally speaking, people feel free to satisfy their noble or ignoble desires and ambitions until they learn that rational, honest action is the requirement of this natural law; action lacking appeal to persons seeking acclaim. But Wetherill often said that America is the one nation where nature's law of right action could safely have been declared, discussed, and finally implemented.

Apparently irrational, dishonest behavior will continue until more people discover they are pitting their objectives against the higher power of a created natural law.

Those who do adhere to creation's law of right action are peaceful and productive members of society. They have learned that the formula for success in human endeavors is to conform to all applicable natural laws, including nature's law of right action.